Quality and reliability are ingrained in our business

Quality and reliability are ingrained in our business

Quality and reliability are ingrained in our business

Specialist traders of high quality, reliable, competitively priced grains and commodities.

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You’re paying too much for your grains – making your business model challenging, unviable, or less profitable than it could be.

You’re struggling to find a reliable supplier, who’ll deliver on time reliably in the quantities and packaging you need.

You need assurance of provenance, traceability, and quality in your supply chain to demonstrate to your customers.

The agricultural food industry faces two major challenges.

First, supplying goods fit for consumers which meet stringent industry standards.

Second, doing so at a competitive price enabling businesses to make a profit, and customers to access affordable, quality food products.

Making this happen is the reason behind our grain export business.

We export soya beans, ginger, hibiscus, sesame seed, cashew nuts, and cocoa.

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We offer competitive prices, possibly better than you are paying now, but with guaranteed quality and reliability.


We’ll work with you on the quantities and packaging you need, and we’ll get your grains to where you need them, when you need them.

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Because we process all grains at our factory in Africa using state-of-the-art machinery, traceability and quality is assured.

If you’re a broker, trader, supermarket buyer, or hospitality business, you’ll quite rightly have high expectations.

You’ll expect any food commodity you import to comply with industry regulation, be free from contamination, have clear provenance and traceability, and be delivered reliably at a competitive price.

We use high tech machines to clean, process, and package grains for international markets, working to the highest quality global standards.

If you’re let down by your supplier, you’ll let down your customers.

And if you can’t buy in supplies competitively, your business may suffer.

So, if you import soya beans, ginger, hibiscus, sesame seed, cashew nuts, or cocoa, let’s talk.

We are certified by Dun&Bradstreet in South Africa, the FDA USA, and we are members of the Nigeria-British Global Chamber of Commerce.

Contact us for further information and a quote.


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Dimeji Lawuyi
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Hello, I’m Dr Dimeji Lawuyi, one of the directors of Salcol.

I began my career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, where I specialised in importing veterinary medicines into Africa, and developed an interest in business and manufacturing.

This background in agro-processing combined with passion for business and entrepreneurship led me to creating Salcol

I wanted to give traders and buyers a way to access sought after grains and commodities from all over the world with peace of mind about provenance, traceability, and quality assurance in the supply chain.

Now, we import and export globally and we are building our UK business.

I want to talk to traders, brokers, retail buyers, and hospitality businesses.

We can offer excellent prices, a reliable service, and will work closely with you to fulfil your needs.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help.